How To Get A Pharmacist DBS Check

If you are working in the UK as a pharmacist it’s likely that you will need an enhanced pharmacist DBS check. A criminal record check is carried out to assure any employers that the candidate is suitable for the role and able to work with vulnerable adults and children.

If you live and work in Scotland, you will likely need a to join the PVG scheme as they do things slightly differently up north. For more information on the PVG Scheme you can click here. 


How to apply for an enhanced pharmacist criminal record check

We will run through the whole process of applying for a DBS check below, but if you have any questions or would like some more information give us a call on 0121 451 2707 or drop us an email by clicking here.

Applying for a Pharmacist DBS check with Team Locum couldn’t be easier. If you’re a locum pharmacist, simply follow the 3 steps below to apply for your criminal record check.

Step one to get a pharmacist DBS check

Click here to complete the online application form with our umbrella company

You will need the following details to log in:

Username: teamremote   Password: Team23894

Before you start the process please ensure you have your required ID documents to hand. The online form will time out if you are away from your computer for too long and in that case you will need to start it again.

What documents should I use to apply for a DBS check? You will need 3 ID documents to apply for your DBS check. The most commonly used ID documents are passports, driving licences, birth certificates, and bank statements, however there are several other ID documents you can use to apply for your DBS check. At least one of your documents will need to be in your current address. If you are unsure which documents to use, please feel free to drop our admin team an email by clicking here.

When filling out your form please select the following:

On the first page:

Enhanced Check

On the employer page:

  • Child and adult Workforce
  • Locum Community Pharmacist

If you’re in need of a criminal record check but you’re not a pharmacist, please make sure you select the relevant position at this stage.

Step two to get a pharmacist DBS check

Verify your documents

You can verify your documents in two ways

  1. Come into the Team Locum office so that a member of staff can verify your documents.
  2. Generate the Veri-fy form at the end of the online form and take it along with your documents to a professional who can verify them. Another pharmacist may do this for you.

Whichever way you chose to have your documents verified we will need copies. If you are using the veri-fy please send us copies of your documents at

Step three to get a pharmacist DBS check

Pay for your pharmacist DBS check

The fastest, easiest, and safest way to pay for your pharmacist DBS check is though BACS transfer.

The cost of a pharmacist DBS check is as follows:

If Team Locum have verified your documents – £60.00

If you have used the Veri-fy form to have your documents verified – £67.20

Our payment details can be found below:

  • Bank: HSBC
  • Account number: 71401181
  • Sort code: 40 – 11 – 20
  • Reference: Your full name and surname

Please bear in mind that the payment can take up to 24 hours to process.

What happens next with your Pharmacist DBS application?

Once you have completed the online form, had your documents verified, and made the payment for your pharmacist DBS check we will cross check all of your documents to ensure everything is correct. We will then submit your DBS check and send you a tracking number via email the next working day so that you can track its progress.

Once the check is complete your pharmacist DBS certificate will be posted to your home address. We recommend that you register with the update service as soon as you receive your certificate to ensure that your DBS check is kept up to date. Please keep your certificate safe as you may be asked to show this to future employers, even if you are registered with the update service.

A few last things about getting your pharmacist DBS check

The cost of a pharmacist DBS check

If we have verified your ID documents – £60.00

If you have used the Veri-fy form – £67.20

How long does a pharmacist DBS check take?

Criminal record checks can take up to 3 months, however most are usually completed within a couple of weeks, and sometimes even within a couple of days.

Why an enhanced DBS check?

An enhanced DBS check is the highest level of check available. Most roles within the healthcare industry require an enhanced DBS as this level will check for cautions, warnings, reprimands, and convictions, as well as checking if the candidate is barred from working with children or vulnerable adults.

The update service

The update service is a yearly subscription service which ensures that your DBS check is kept up to date. This is important because unless your DBS is on the update service companies, other than the one who processed it, will not be able to use it. By registering for the update service you can save yourself the cost of applying for a new DBS check each time you decide to work for a new company or agency.

The update service costs £13 a year and can be applied for by clicking here.

It is important that you keep your bank details up to date with the update service, as if they expire, or your payment bounces for any other reason you will no longer be on the update service and you might not receive a notification of this.

When should I repeat a DBS check?

According to there is no official expiry date for a DBS check. Any information on the check will be up to date at the time the check was carried out however it is up to individual companies to decided when a new DBS check is needed.

Here at Team Locum we only accept DBS checks carried out within the last 12 months, unless they are registered with the update service. Any DBS checks that are not registered with the update service will be set to expire on our system once they reach 1 year old as the majority of companies require a DBS check on the update service.

I’m a pharmacist with a criminal record

When applying to work with a new company or agency you should always disclose any criminal records. Having a criminal record does not mean you won’t be successful, that will be down to the GHPC and individual companies to decide.

Can I register with Team Locum without a pharmacist DBS check?

As a pharmacist you can start the registration process with Team Locum before you have a DBS check. Our online sign up form will ask that you provide one however you can very easily skip this this by simply uploading another document in its place for now. If you have any questions or issues with the registration check please feel free to give us a call.

If you have any questions about getting your pharmacist DBS check, get in touch with our admin team who will be happy to talk you through the whole process.

Give us a call on 0121 451 2707 or drop us an email by clicking here.

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