Locums on the frontline

Locums on the frontline, Key workers one and all


Its been a long and gruelling year has 2020, certainly for  locums. We came into it with such hope it would be better than 2019 but its been a real kick in the… (lets go with teeth for) us all.

But it doesn’t get much harder than being on the frontline like you are, so we though we would dedicate a post to locum pharmacists keeping pharmacies running across the whole of the UK, your dedication to your work and patients is admirable, to do all that and flu vaccinations we cant thank you enough for your hard and diligent work.

Our locum optometrists keeping opticians going through one of the toughest times
inlocums calendar their history, with all the restrictions we know more than most that the work was pulled out from you all, your perseverance through this time is truly admirable.

Now that the work has started to come back we hope to repay your loyalty and patience as soon as we can, so we can imagine like us you are counting down the days until this whole pandemic is behind us and we can all move forward together.

Our Locums in GP who have kept going through this pandemic, we don’t know how you adapted so quickly moving on to triage appointments or whatever it may have been, we cant thank you enough for your help during this difficult time, seeing and helping patients through this time is invaluable and we cant wait for this to be over and you can get back to normality, if we ever can… fingers crossed.

Finally our carers, you have worked tirelessly throughout this pandemic, providing top notch care to our clients and catering to their needs in a caring and efficient manor we cant thank you enough for your help! Our patients could not have got through these times without you so we just want to show our appreciation for all your help!


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